#ProtectTransKids donations and a reminder that not everything is garbage

Wednesday night the Trump administration withdrew protections for transgender students in public schools. I went to bed mad Wednesday, woke up mad Thursday, and wrote a blog post for Teen Librarian Toolbox with a list of books featuring trans kids and teens. Thursday I also bought a few middle grade and YA trans books to give away on Twitter to teachers and librarians. By Saturday night, through the generosity of donations from authors in the children’s lit community, I added 30 more books to those giveaways. Kristin Clark, Brie Spangler, MG Hennessey, Donna Gephart, and Ami Polonsky are helping make sure that middle grade and YA books with trans characters end up in schools and public libraries. As I told MG, I just feel so MAD and helpless and frustrated. I don’t know what to do, beyond love and support the trans kids I know, call government officials, and try to get books into the hands of those who most need them. I get bogged down in the horrors unfolding every day around us, but today I am feeling positive about how much GOOD there is still, especially in the children’s lit community.