A quick hello

This is my new website. It’s nice, right? It’s still in the building phase, so things may change around, but for now, it gets the job done. You probably already know I can be found multiple times a week blogging over at Teen Librarian Toolbox. There, I mostly write book reviews, or about things directly related to YA lit, or coordinate guest posts. Here, it will be more random. I’m guessing I’ll write about my dogs, my extremely funny kid, YA stuff, random rants, whatever. I will probably not write a lot about my writing, because no one needs to read, “I wrote 10 pages, then deleted 9 pages, then went on Twitter and called it a day” over and over. For now, this super interesting post serves to just say, hi! I’m blogging!

Here, look at a picture of my dogs. They will tide you over until another post appears.