Music is my favorite hiding place

The neat thing about Now is that I have the worst attitude I’ve had since I was a teenager. Only it’s made better because I also LIVE with and raise a teenager. And made even BETTER by the fact that I’ve been an adult for a verrrrry long time so why does my teenage attitude still hang around so much? “Teenage angst had paid off well, but now I’m bored and old” etc etc.




Music has always been my fix to things. An emotional bandaid. An auditory distraction. A place to put my rage and sadness and joy and whatever other feelings there are (we should all be impressed, in this timeline, that I remembered that “joy” is an option for a feeling).


Here’s my teen’s backpack. It could be mine (both now and back when I was a teenager):



I’m grateful Callum seems to have also found refuge in music, especially because he introduces me to new things and lets me play my “old” stuff for him. How else would he have become a die-hard Nirvana fan? (I’m just kidding–I think it’s still a requirement of being a teenager and just comes alive in you once you hit 14.)


The world is a dumpster fire, but at least we have music. Here’s some of what I’ve been listening to. Maybe you want to share a song with me, too?