Tell me your favorite words

I’m writing this on Saturday, day 9 of enjoying this horrible virus that has made my body its captive. No, I’m not dramatic about it at all. Though I dragged myself to work every day (sorry, coworkers!), I came home and went directly to bed, sometimes sleeping for 14 hours at a shot, sometimes reading and feeling sorry for myself, sometimes just being in bed, waiting for this to magically go away. I am a terrible patient, usually. Usually, I am desperately ill and still like, But my to-do list! I should clean. And run errands. And be productive. But this round of illness, I said hell no to all that business and went to bed.


After reading three books yesterday, my eyes started to give out, so I decided to instead make a list of some of my favorite words. Sometimes my brain completely spins out thinking about how there are only 26 letters in the alphabet and they make up alllllll these words (and putting the words in certain orders creates books and conversations and ideas and discoveries and and and!). My whole life I’ve had favorite words—and words I absolutely hate (don’t even get me started on pamphlet).

Here’s the list I made of some of my favorites:


If you’re reading this, chances are we know each other in some capacity. And if that’s true, chances are our interests overlap in some very important ways (I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess books/libraries). So I assume you’re a word person, right? So, tell me your favorite words! Tell me on Facebook or Twitter. Send me running to the dictionary. Give me something new to try to casually work into conversation. Maybe later we can talk about words we hate (I mean, seriously, look at that lump of consonants in the middle of pamphlet. mphl. So gross).