Dachshund pictures galore

I have often said that probably the only reason I have so many followers on Twitter is because of Edward and Billy. Come for the books, stay for the dachshunds. It was kind of Billy to recently entertain everyone by getting stuck inside of a sweatshirt sleeve. He provides quality content to my Twitter stream.

Please enjoy these pictures of my dogs–because we can only spend so many hours a day looking at things online that enrage us.


Their best recent picture is clearly this one:

Edward: Brother, let us arrange ourselves in visually pleasing classic dog positions so when our mother appears she will find us very refined and charming.

Billy: Nailed it.

I put this dog bed here because sick little Billy often sits in the middle of the stairs, not sure where he wants to be. I moved it from a spot where usually only Edward uses the dog bed. Clearly he was a bit irritated that I moved HIS bed. No sharing.

Sometimes my dogs have to FaceTime my mom’s dogs. Chester was too busy to come to the phone (he was sleeping). Henry always tilts his cute little head when he hears us. And see my dogs up in the corner? Raising a ruckus. They had a lot to tell him.

Okay. Less writing, more doggy pictures, right? Here you go.