Research reading: books on feminism, riot grrrl, teen girls, and anxiety

I tend to not talk about whatever I’m writing a whole lot. Well, that’s not true. I tend to not talk about whatever I’m writing a whole lot except to my husband, who is sort of a captive audience. With the cult book wrapped up for now, I’m working on something new. I love research and digging around for inspiration probably more than I love writing (a lot of days, it’s debatable if I like writing at all). It took me about 2 years to even start calling my last book a novel and not “a novel-shaped thing.” And Seth, one of my best friends for nearly 30 years, one day not long ago texted me that he didn’t know what my novel was even called (he refers to it as Ruby Roller, Girl CEO, which is not the title, sadly) even though I’d been talking in roundabout ways to him about the book since I first started kicking the idea around. All of this is to say, I’m writing something new. It’s about feminism and good girls and bad girls and mental health and finding your voice. Right now I’m calling it Code Name Headless Tchaikovsky, which is not the actual title I’ve given it (at this point), but is far more entertaining to me. That doesn’t need to make sense to you; it barely makes sense to me. I spend a lot of time lying on my office floor, thinking about my book. Some days I even feel kind of okay about what I’ve written. Here’s a look at some of what I’ve been reading for inspiration.